A Poem--The Process

07/08/2024 Monday 73-94F Cloudy

Translated from a Chinese poem:

"You didn’t appear in January;
You were sleeping next door in February;
It rained hard in March;
And climbing rose bloomed at its peak in April.

Dreamlike, you sat opposite me in May;
Then here came June,
With green grasses and scented air;
A mixture of misery and joy took place in July,
When wheat rolling in fields and grassland extending to the horizon;
Arriving with a certainty, it was August,
A time for me to keep all the secrets,
A time made me feel like I was water in a bottle while you a cloud in the blue sky.

About September and October,
They were a pair of eyes filled with seawater,
Where you swam above while I sank beneath;
Through the window of the upcoming November,
I foresaw December----
It was snowing!"


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