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I Know

I know- it is five o’clock in the morning: You get up and walk into the yard. You look up at the sky and check the weather- a few stars are still sparkling there. It looks like a good day. You turn on the gas and start to boil some water in the kettle. While waiting for the water to boil, you wash your face and brush your teeth. From the mirror you may notice there are a few new lines on your face, and more gray hair dyeing your temples. In one second, you may sigh, “Ai-ya-, I am getting old, and that’s life!” Or you may think of nothing, just turn your back and shut the gas.  You take some green tea leaves from a tin box and put them in your glass thermal. Then you pour some just-boiled hot water in it. You sit on the wood couch. Through the window pane you still can see those stars half hiding behind some crab-green featherlike clouds. You sip the hot tea slowly, until your stomach is filled with it and your whole body warms up.  About five thirty: You take a pot from the pantry, pou

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