Myrtle Beach

06/05/2024 Wednesday 74-88F Partly Cloudy

Living by the sea is a blessing. This morning when I braid my hair on the balcony, and when the see breezes pass through my sleeping gown, I feel super happy.

We go to the beach again this morning, see some lovely people and dogs, as well as a group of safety guards taking their training.

We leave our hotel at 9:00am, drive toward our next stop: Myrtle beach. After another 325miles' drive, we arrive our destination around 3:15pm, the sun is hot, the street is clean and pretty with blooming flowers and glittering trees.

It is more commercial than Kill Devil Hills, but still it is a classic tourist city.

We take a glimpse of the beach when we return from the shopping center. Plan to visit it early tomorrow morning.


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