Journey To the South-Kill Devil Hills

When our honeysuckle is delivering its delicious scent, when the orange jasmine just blooms its first blossom, we decide to take a road trip down to the south, from New Jersey to Savannah, then perhaps to Miami if time allows.

Since Michael grew up by the sea, sea water and sea breeze are what he fancies the most. So, chain up various beach towns along the east coast becomes the goal of this trip.

I started to pack one day ahead, with three big baskets: One basket with lid was for our garments, one basket for some food and drinks, and the last basket was for our toilet items. Plus twenty-four bottles of water and one umbrella. These things filled up the trunk of our mini cooper’s, but weren’t crowded. 

We are ready to go. The plants in the pots and in my gardens have been well fed and watered early this morning; the crew who will be working on the floor of our house has promised that they would water my vegetables and potted plants every other day. Therefore, we jump into our car 9:40 am, heading for the south.

It is a little bumpy at the beginning of our trip: The street is blocked due to roadwork; the gas station gets no gas today; and Michael takes the wrong road. But soon every problem is solved, our wide-eyed little green mini is happily running on the road under the sun.

June 4th Tuesday 64-87F Cloudy Kill Devil Hills

Our first stop is Kill Devil Hills. After almost eight hours’ drive (385 miles, we didn’t take I95 solely) and seeing the magnificent Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, we arrive our hotel at 17:40. Right behind the hotel is beach, with fine sands, clean water, and high tide. Breathing in the refreshing sea breezes, and with our feet soaking in the pleasant cool sea water, we feel like having been recharged. 

In addition, our self-invented lemonade-bourbon cocktail is wonderful; it gives us a good end of this long day, and will give us a good sleep.


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