Dragon Boat Day in Kill Devil Hills

06/10/2024 Monday 67-77F Sunny

After a short family reunion at Moncks Corner, we decided to revisit Kill Devil Hills instead of going to Carolina Beach and Virginia Beach on our way home.

We really love the north outer banks area. People here are friendly and calm; the towns are clean and sophisticated. Especially, we both love seafood, and there are so many places here where we can enjoy fresh sea produce. And, a lot of restaurants here have fantastic cool names.

I just happened to know that today is Dragon Boat Day, so we postponed our return journey for one more day. We will stay at the beach, or on the porch of our inn, reading, or just doing nothing. 

A Chinese poet wrote: "I want to build a house, facing the sea, and watch the changing seasons." Yes, once before, I thought I would spend the rest of my life in a little town in Yunnan, China, a semi-tropical place with forests, lakes, mountains, and flowers; now I wonder, perhaps, perhaps living somewhere like the outer banks is also beautiful, every morning and evening I would visit the sea, watch the tides, feel the breezes, and listen to the sea rumbling or roaring.  

At the same time, I would build a garden, a most magnificent sea garden.


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