Earthquake vs Eclipse

04/08/2024 Monday 33-67F Cloudy

Last Friday when I was in the living room, all of a sudden the house started to shake. At the beginning I thought it might be caused by gusts of wind, however, wind could only shake the doors and windows, while this shake came from the ground and I could feel the whole house was moving. I glimpsed at the window, the neighbor's flag hung still, and the trees didn't sway. 

"Earthquake!" This thought occurred to me. I rushed out of the house from the back door, stood in the backyard. The shake lasted less than one minute. I checked my watch, it was 10:23. The sun was shinning over my head, no fallen bricks, no wind, no sound, as if I just had a daydream. 

Later on, I was told that it indeed was an earthquake, which took place in Tewksbury, 38miles away from my home, magnitude 4.8.

Today, a total solar eclipse occurred between 15:30 and 16:20 when I was weeding the patio. It wasn't completely dark, and right after the eclipse, the sun shone over again, a few raindrops fell.


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