Beginning of Spring

02/05/2024 Monday 26-47F Sunny

According to Chinese solar term, yesterday was beginning of spring. Because of that, I started my gardening the same day: Weeding, digging, transplanting, mulching, pruning, edging. My fuyu persimmon tree has arrived; my prunus mume shrub (Armeniaca mume Sieb.f. viridicalyx (Makino) T. Y. Chen) will be delivered this Wednesday; and I look forward to the arrival of my Kiyohime Japanese maple tree...

My garden is developing, getting more and more interesting and unique. Since August 2022 we moved into this house, I have transformed from a person who knew zero about gardening into a "home gardener". All is for the best in the best of all possible world, I will continue to learn, to try, to love and to embrace. 

It's gonna be a wonderful year.


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