The Peach Tree in Our Back Yard

12/11/2023 Monday 34-47F Mostly Sunny

It rained hard a whole night, and snowed a bit early this morning; then it began to rain again; a while later, all of a sudden, the sky cleared up and the sun shone through. 

Since we moved into this nearly one hundred-year-old house, we have removed one huge spruce, two large hollies, and one elm. Now, there is only one peach-plum 2-in-1 tree standing in our back yard, providing us the most precious shade in hot summer. However, this tree was very old and ill (especially the peach part), and we decided to hire a professional to give it a hard prune for its rejuvenation.

For sure we will see less flowers next spring; as the trade-off,  hopefully we can have some nice juicy peaches to eat in summer.


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