The Last Harvest

11/03/2023 Friday 29-59F Sunny

I never thought that frost could be so powerful--The day before yesterday, just one night, it killed all my tomatoes plants, chilis, basils; my unflowered tuberoses, freesias, as well as camellia sinensis' blossoms.

If not because of the frost, I believe I would have more fresh tomatoes and chilis to eat, and my tuberoses and freesias would flower eventually.

The only good thing is, I can clean up my vegetable garden, which I hesitated to do.

Tons of immature tomatoes and chilis are still hanging on the branches. I harvest them as my last and largest crop of this year, as the forgiveness for Mother Nature, as my gratitude to my dead, devoted plants.

I will sauce them, pickle them, stir fry them; I will maximize the use of them to not fail them.

Goodbye, my lovely vegetable garden, see you next Spring!


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