I Dig My Pig

09/15/2023 Friday 54-76F Sunny

Today, accidentally I took a herd of pink cute pigs home. Up to now, I already have twenty-two pigs, even though we call our house "Deux Cochons" 😃

A poem from Michael: 

"I dig my pig

She’s cute and fat,

She stole my heart.

My stomach asks,

Can we eat that?

I dig my pig

She’s Cute and pink;

But I don’t think

Of her as pork.

But isn’t she?

I dig my pig

She’s Innocent;

In the event

She’s on the spit

Don’t think about it.

Does cute taste good

Roasted on wood?

There’s no more cute,

Only burps and bones.


I dug my pig."


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