My Garden After Rain

08/10/2023 Thursday 67-79F Rainy

After rain, still wearing its wet coat, the groundhog sneaks into our back yard in a great hurry, and begins its breakfast at a very early hour--Like a hungry kid in his sleepwear and with sleepy eyes searching for food in the kitchen. The groundhog must love our garden a lot.

Soon after, the little squirrel living in our neighbor's tree appears as well. It jumps from the fence onto the ground, fleet-footed, it springs to the fruit tree. There it makes a leap onto the trunk. After the rustling and swaying of a branch, it goes down the trunk, bitting a large, burgundy-colored plum in its little mouth. Leisurely, it walks, not springs this time, toward the fence, climbs up, and disappears in the tree canopy.

A few robin birds, fly lowly from the northern neighbor's shrub over our lawn to the southern neighbor's rhododendron. They position themselves so low that the tips of their wings almost can skim off the raindrops on the grasses.

The rain has wet a ladybug's wings. It stops on a plant, motionless. Is it trying to air dry itself, or just taking a rest? When aphids infested our garden earlier this Summer, I missed this guy and its crew so much, but now is it going to leave us?


Who will be the next visitor of my garden in this rainy day? 


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