Daily Trivia

08/16/2023 Wednesday 60-85F Mostly Cloudy

The rain was on and off last night. This morning I find my shoes left under the eave are filled with rainwater, which is too precious to be wasted, therefore I pour it into the pot of my lemon tree.

A baby eggplant just popped out, still stuck with its faded flower; the phlox are such devoters, presenting me with their tireless blooming little bodies; same as my butterfly bush, which seems to never want to finish its blossoms; and the mini roses I planted this Spring, are also noisily blooming, trying to catch the tail of their flowering season.

Later on, I will have some work to do, then weed the garden, powder my peonies with sulfur; the pods of my arugula are ready for harvest; the bamboo trellis of tomatoes and chilies are also swayed by the rain...Before Michael leaves, I need to cook a lotus leaf chicken, boil some soba noodles as his lunch.

Time seems to be forever not enough; while I, I consider myself a lucky person.


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