Calycanthus Venus

08/02/2023 Wednesday 57-83F Sunny

I fell in love with this cultivar at first glance--It had magnolia-like flower form, and its fragrance according to the description on website was like the mixing of banana and honey. However, when I put my nose close to my first flower, I right away thought of the white skinned sweet melon I ate in my hometown when I was little (The local name of that type of melon was "sweet to midnight"😂)

Another interesting discovery about my calycanthus venus was: When the weather was sunny and dry, its flowers were pure white; but after several rains and if in high humidity, the flower petals, the buds would gradually grow out some small mold blemishes like speckles on a person's face. If the humid weather continued, the number of the blemishes would increase and cover the whole flower. But once the air and soil dried up, new flower buds would turn back to clean, pure white again. 


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