Reddening Tomatoes

07/24/2023 Monday 67-87F Mostly Cloudy

This is my first year to plant tomatoes. From choosing the varieties, to the planting distance, to the pot, then to the trellis, a lot of mistakes have been made. However, regardless of these bumps, my tomatoes gradually are ripening. Organic, natural, zero chemicals, they exactly taste like the ones freshly picked from my uncle's vegetable garden when I was little.

To protect them from being eaten by deers, groundhogs, birds, we have to carry them in and out several rounds a day, then water them, trim them, fertilizer them, and guard their fruit. Sometimes when I feel tired, I can't help asking Michael: "What's our ROI of these tomatoes? Is it worthy of planting them?" Michael flashes me a simple look: "They taste very good, aren't they? Where else can you find them?"

Indeed, where else can we find them if we don't plant them ourselves? Especially to someone like me who cares very much about food's true flavor. Several months' hard work is for that little persistency and pursuit in my heart. It's easy to compromise, but hard to keep faith.


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