My Tough Crape Myrtle

07/27/2023 Thursday 72-96F Partly Cloudy

At the end of the spring and in early summer, I noticed that my crape myrtle had gotten powdery mildew--Its burgundy new leaves and flower buds were covered with grayish white powder, looking sad and miserable. The time was too late for me to take actions, such as powder it with sulfur or spray neem oil on it. 

I preyed, wishing it would be better. Finally, as the leaves and buds grew mature, I could see that my crape myrtle became healthier. Then after a shower of rain, my crape myrtle burst into blooming. All the white fungus seemed to have been defeated.

Next spring, I definitely will give it some treatment in advance so that annoying mildew won't return.


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