My Tomato Plants' New Home

07/11/2023 Tuesday 64-90F Sunny

My four unexpected tomato plants grew too fast, I urgently needed to transplant each of them into a much bigger pot. However, the large terracotta pots were too heavy, inconvenient for me to carry them daily to prevent groundhogs, birds, and deers from eating them, and large terracotta pots were also expensive; And I, personally hate all those synthetic materials. Accidentally I caught the idea of grow bag which I saw once before from a TV program. Therefore I started to search online, but unfortunately, the majority of grow bags were made from synthetic materials and weren't biodegradable. I hesitated, planning that in the worst case I could always plant my tomatoes in the garden. Finally I found a brand selling 100% jute grow bags, I was thrilled. When I received the parcel, I planted my tomatoes right away into them. My tomatoes must be super happy since they at last moved into their spacious, bright new house instead of continuing living in their cookie-cutter apartment, just overnight, I could see the differences they had made--They became more vigorous, and several centimeters higher. A big tomato harvest is on its way.


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