Looking for Southern Magnolia

07/10/2023 Monday 68-86F Cloudy

Yesterday early afternoon before rain, Michael and I decided to watch the two magnolia trees standing somewhere in our neighborhood. "Are you crazy?" Michael complained, "It will rain at any time; And we even don't know in which street those magnolias are. Can we go some other time?"

"No." I answered while I was taking out an umbrella from the closet, "Sometimes we need to do crazy things to refresh our memories. Let's check the streets one after another till we find them."

Therefore Michael followed me far behind. Luckily we found the trees in the first street we turned into. I took a deep breath of the flowers' scent, admired their large pure white flowers for a short while; then I turned on my heel: "Let's go home."

"Are you finished already?" Michael looked puzzled, "It took us much longer to come here."

"Yeah. We found the flowers, and were not caught in the rain. It's the best result we could have."

It's tough to have such a self-centered, willful wife like me; and it's very fortunate to have an accommodating, devoted husband like Michael.


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