Little Frog Prince

07/20/2023 Thursday 68-87F Cloudy

A little frog was found in the saurcer under our meyer lemon tree's pot. It must have come to our home during the heavy rain which took place two days ago, lost its way, therefore it found that spot and hid under. Luckily there was still a little bit of water in the saucer so it could survival from the hot days.

Michael held the saucer and walked toward the pond opposite our house. The frog must be very scared, staying in the saucer quietly; when the pond was approaching, more and more humidity could be smelt in the air, it began to peep out its head; finally the pond was less than two meters away, it made a sudden yet expected, clean and forceful leap into the water, without saying a word, without bidding its farewell, even without looking back once.

Good thing was it returned its home, went back to be a happy little frog again.


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