Herb Harvest

07/04/2023 Tuesday 72-88F Partly Cloudy

My herb corner has gone crazy this Summer: Thyme, the one we planted last Fall, has become a little tyrant in this area--Day and night it crawls trying to take over its neighbor's territories. It's about life or death, thus the neighbors are not cowards either, the sage and oregano fight back hard and meanwhile push my poor Chinese chives to the border. On the other side of the herb corner, the war is also severe: The two least used guys, mint and lemon balm, have invaded into rosemary, lavender, parsley, and dill's territorial air space. If those suppressed don't defend and show their teeth, no doubt that soon they will loose all their land. This herb corner is definitely like the seven-warring-kingdom period took place in China's history--Although the space is small, it's the sunniest area in my back garden and watered often, so it is worthy of fighting.

Who will be the final winner? Of course it's me--This morning I pruned three basketful of thyme, sage, and mint; if not because no more basket was available, I would have trimmed off the lemon balm as well.


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