Defense of My Crop

07/12/2023 Wednesday 66-92F Sunny

Every time when my strawberries were about to ripe, soon I would find them be eaten or partially eaten. I always thought the groundhogs should be responsible for it, until one day I caught one black bird red-handed, pecking on my strawberry. So, those lovely little birds came to my house every day didn't intend to sing for me. But if they really loved my strawberry, the least thing they could do was finish it instead of only taking two bites on each one. They wasted the food, while I got none to eat.

It seemed that I must take some action, otherwise this summer even half ripe strawberries wouldn't be mine. Cover the plants? Then pollinators couldn't get in; transplant them into pots? I had had more than enough containered plants, it's pretty troublesome for me everyday to carry them in and out. So the last solution was, bag each strawberry.

Being a farmer isn't easy. Planting, watering, fertilizing, trimming, and defending the fruit, which can't be called yours until you have eaten them.


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