Cat Sheriff

07/03/2023 Monday 73-91F Mostly Cloudy

I happened to see a cat in a store. Looking majestic and calm, it followed me everywhere (most likely because I was with the shop owner) which greatly revived the idea of having a cat of my own. Fifteen years ago when I lived in Shanghai, I got two little kittens from my uncle; then several months later I moved my home and brought them to my sister's house.

I felt guilty since I gave them away to my sister, who never had the patience to take care of two little cats. Later when I visited my sister's house, she told me that the white cat, one of the two, left home and never returned, while the other one, black coat with some white spots, was pregnant. 

Now, since the squirrels, chipmunks, and groundhogs keep eating my fruit and young plants, I wonder perhaps it is good timing for me to own a cat so it can catch or at least chase away those rodents. But, am I really ready for the responsibilities? Will it disappear if it feels like its new home disappoints it?



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