Summary of This Spring

06/01/2023 52-88F Sunny

Since mid-March till mid-May, I had planted more than twenty shrubs and trees, about two hundred fifty square feet of vegetables and herbs, and hundreds of bulbs and perennials. It was a very busy, tough Spring, yet the best one I ever had. Doing nothing but gardening, turning all my sweat into raindrops. What's the meaning of life? Watching a plant growing, like expecting all the other beautiful things to happen in our lives. Not every dream can come true, but other than working hard and quietly on it, what else can we do?

My jasmines, gardenia are going to bloom soon; my two meyer lemon trees reward me thirty four baby lemons, and now are forming another round of buds; I have harvested my crop of this year (nine cherries) from my young cherry tree; and my strawberries, bok choys, spinach taste heavenly. There are so many things I am looking forward to. I am moving on, one way or the other.

Planting list of the trees and shrubs which I have done this Spring:

A Chinese Mormon Apricot Tree

A Montmorency Cherry Tree

Two Meyer Lemon Tree

A Blue berry Shrub

An Ornamental Cherry Shrub

A Calycanthus Venus

A Variegated Pink Winter Daphne

A Jane Magnolia Tree

A Sarah Bernhardt Herbaceous Peony

A Bartzella Itoh Peony

A Yuletide Camellia Shrub

A Large Leaf Camellia Sinensis Shrub

A Miss Kim Lilac

An Illuminati Arch Mock Orange

Two Jasmine Sambac

A Gardenia Aimee Yoshida

A Parvilimba Camellia Shrub

A Karl Rosenfield Herbaceous Peony

An Apricot Echo Osmanthus Shrub

A Sweet Mock Orange Shrub

A Fragrant Orange Osmanthus Shrub

A Pearl Potion Lilac Shrub

A Small Leaf Camellia Sinensis Shrub

A Dr. Alexender Fleming Herbaceous Peony

A Greenfeaf Pink Winter Daphne


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