Soupe A L'oignon

06/23/2023 Friday 63-78F Rain

Chop three yellow onions, caramelize them with one third bar of butter until they show a light golden brown color (about 30-40 minutes);

Simmer the caramelized onion in beef stock for at least a half hour; meanwhile deglaze the onion pan with some Pinot Grigio then pour the liquid into the simmering pot;

Transfer the onion soup into individual bowls for baking; Add a few basil leaves in the hot soup for the fragrance; Slice baguette half inch thick then place them in and on top of the soup;

Here I used fresh mozzarella cheese for an gooey-gooey effect--Slice it one quarter inch thin and put the slices on the bread;

Preheat the oven to 400F, put the bowls in, let them bake for about ten minutes until the cheese melt.

To secure the success of this dish, a good beef stock is primary, next is timing and patience when caramelize the onions. Perhaps I should have sprinkled some rose petals or thyme leaves on top when the soup it done for a better presence.

Bon Appetit!


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