06/14/2023 58-77F Cloudy

When all the flowers of my two Meyer lemon trees faded, I was sad hence I loved their fragrance so much.  However, at the end of May, I noticed that growing from axils, tiny clusters of green buds popped up. Then the buds turned into white with a pink top; and about two months later, they flowered again, with tons of buds on the branches.

Sometimes when I walk in my yard, wind sends me different fragrances. Filled with joys, I try to distinguish which is which: This one must be from my butterfly bush, this one should be Meyer lemon, this one is phlox...My tuberoses finally peep out of soil; my gardenia amiee's buds are growing larger day after day; my jasmine sambac sprouts another two leaves. A year-around-fragrant garden which I want all the time, is slowly yet gradually forging and developing, along with my sweat beads, my roughen hands, my frustrations and joys.


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