Only Mad Dogs and English Men Go Out in Mid-day Sun

06/19/2023 Monday 61-86F Sunny

Yesterday was a gorgeous sunny day, when it's about noon, Michael and I decided to talk a walk in our neighborhood.

Sun beams came down through clouds and trees, birds were chirping and the air was filled with a mingled fragrance from all kinds of plants. We found two book boxes at the street side of a household, pity that those books were not our cup of tea.

We strolled along the streets pleasantly, enjoying the curb appeal of others' houses and yards (As always, some's were nicer than some others'). However, no-one else was on the street, nor cars. "Why don't people come out as we do? " I asked Michael.

"Well, it says: Only mad dogs and English men go out in mid-day sun." He gave his answer.

Since we were not English men, what could we be? 😂


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