Love Song 1990

06/27/2023 Tuesday 65-84F Thunderstorm

The rumbling thunders wake me up. It rains hard at my window, as if the night will never end.

The room is dark, and Michael is sleeping. All of a sudden, a Chinese song named "Love Song 1990" strikes me, therefore I think of you; therefore I can't fall asleep again; therefore I feel that I must get up and write down something.

Many years ago you mentioned that your ex sang this song for you; the way you  told me was casual and your words were simple, however, I just can't forget it ever since. Now we are living as far apart as twelve hours' difference, my night is your day. Right now should be time for you to leave your work, to go pick up your son from school, to go home and cook dinner. As usual, the chat you have at the dining table with your husband and son is trivial and random, even may sound boring, but that's just the way our lives are.

Finally, we have become someones' wives and mother; finally, the young version and old us have long gone; finally, we live an ordinary life and deal with a lot of daily trivia, very few of which one day astonishingly turn out to be life-changing decisions. All the past was good; the presence and the coming future will also be good--This is the best of all possible world.

By the way, my gladiolus is blooming, looking as gorgeous as our passed youth.

Love Song 1990 (Translated from Chinese):

Your black eyes and smiling face,

Are unforgettable to me though they will age;

The fluffy old days have slipped away,

Now when I look back it has been a decade.

Rolling thunders are roaring outside my window,

Of all the changes you made to me I still can't let go;

My figure is lonesome and my mood is low,

But my eyes reveal the love I had with you.


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