Life in Rose

06/12/2023 66-84F Rain

Once before, a bird family lived in my rose bush. I found their nest about two weeks ago, when I went to cut roses for making tea. No wonder why I often saw birds fly out from there when I went closer to the bush. I joked with my husband saying that this bird family had a beautiful life in rose.

However, when Michael was watering the rose yesterday morning, he noticed that some critter had attacked the bush and exposed the bird nest, which tiled, was left with two eggs only in it--At least one egg, if not two, was cracked.

We took out the nest, laid it carefully on a nearby short wall, expecting the bird parents could find it, then we would help them set their new home in our little pine tree. We waited till afternoon, yet the parents still didn't show up. Were they killed by that critter, most likely possum as well? While we were wondering, a gust of wind rose,  and blew off the nest--This time for sure both eggs were smashed.

Life in rose, ended so abruptly and sorrowfully!


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