June Fall

06/16/2023 Friday 57-78F Partly Cloudy

The peach-plum tree in my back yard falls a lot of immature fruit. Looking at the the thinning branches, I feel so frustrated since I have already considered all the fruit mine, and I have so many plans for them--Share some with the neighbors; make stews, jellies, peach pies, plum wine; then sun dry the rest so I can enjoy them slowly for a whole Autumn. While now, in a short while, I have picked more than a half basketful of fallen fruit on the grass, which weighs more than ten pounds.

Recently, there are unexpected visitors in my yard, white-tailed deers, possums, and unknown birds...Some come during the day, some appear at night--To eat the fruit under the tree. I dump the fruit I picked behind a big, wild chestnut tree standing opposite to my house, expecting more critters to come to enjoy the feast.


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