What's The Name of My Fruit Tree?

03/23/2023 47-66F Rainy

It rained early this morning. When I passed a window facing the backyard, I happened to notice that our fruit tree was in bloom. It started from the top, where those luckier ones could bear more sunlight, like touches of snow fallen on the rain-wet dark branches. While the bottom of the tree crown was mostly empty.

As people kept telling us, the fruit tree in the backyard was a peach tree, while I knew that peach blossoms should be pink. Suspiciously, I came down and walked into the yard. The tree indeed was in bloom, almost overnight, awoken by the warm Spring rain, its little buds burst open. And the most exciting thing was, this tree was a hybrid tree, since it was clear that there were two types of buds on the branches: One was this little white five petals with a golden center, fragrant; the other one was pink, not open yet. I followed the branches, and noticed that the white buds' branches were in a light color than the pink's. 

I did some search online, but still couldn't identify which blossom of this white one is--It could be pear, but pear's anther was like red and pear tree bloomed along with its leaves; it could be plum, however, Japanese plum's sepal seemed to be red. Or perhaps this one could be a difference cultivar?

Hopefully I can find out its name before I start to bite on its fruit--It's my tree; it deserves all my love.


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