On A Snowing Day

Opposite my window,

I see a man standing behind his,

from another building.

Between us,

the space is filled with


heavy snow,

swiftly falling snow.

The world is silent,

I don’t know if the man sees me.

We two,

two strangers,

stand still,

doing nothing but watching the snow.

When will Spring come?

When will sadness go?

When won’ I feel lonely?

When can you get your happiness?

These questions lingering in my dark room,

not to be answered;

like a beggar,

who sticks out his empty bowl,

waiting in an empty street.

But surely the snow will stop,

all white will be gone,

why is it still falling heartlessly,

and seriously,

at this moment?

Again, there is no answer;

I see the man pulls down his curtain.



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