Cucumber Ham Egg Sushi

The last time I can remember making sushi was about 7years ago—At that time I lived in Shanghai and worked for a company located in Yishan Rd. One day I made some sushi as my lunch, and shared with my colleagues in the office. They all loved it and since then they have admired my cooking.
Today is my sushi day, after seven years and now I am in New York. I can’t remember exactly what materials I used last time, but I am sure there were cucumbers and eggs. So today my sushi will include both of them, as well as ham.

April 24th, 2020, Friday, Cloudy, temperature 42-50degree, Lunar date April 2nd
Dinner: Cucumber Hem Egg Sushi

Tips: I smashed some toasted peanuts and sprinkled them on the rice. It gave more texture to my Sushi. 


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