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Scarring Jasmine-Chapter Ten Opera

05/18/2024 Saturday 55-69F Drizzle A young man was swaggering on the street, followed by a tall muscular man. “Today is a good day!” The young man exclaimed. Indeed, it was a good day for him: This morning he just gave his rival a good beating; afterward he met an old acquaintance in a restaurant. There the liquor was good; the dishes were good; that acquaintance paid the bill and respected him as “Big Brother” which made him feel particularly good. Several years before, he had to call that guy “Boss”, and relied on the “Boss” to assign him and his “brothers” some legwork to do so they could make a few coppers for their stomachs. Now the former boss called him “Big Brother;” what a great achievement! It was always good to meet an old friend in a new place—Yes, theoretically he was still a newcomer to Suzhou since he had been here for only six months. However, he and his “brothers” had already gained a space for themselves with their capabilities and intelligence. Wasn’t it another grea

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