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Scarring Jasmine-Chapter Eighteen Pot

07/13/2024 Saturday 73-88F Partly Cloudy Bai received Wang’s letter. It was shocking news. He sat stunned in his chair for a long time without moving. Shen came in, asked him what had happened. Bai explained to her about the letter and newspapers, they both sat silently. “Who is that man?” Shen asked.  “How can I know?” Bai stood up, looked up at the sky, “Jasmine is always prudent, this would be the last thing that I could have expected.”  “Do you think that person could be Zhao?” Shen asked abruptly, “I recalled that when Zhao met Jasmine on my birthday, the way he looked at her was quite different; later at the dining table Little Red said that Zhao would only marry the most beautiful woman; and he looks like Shanyuan, which makes it more reasonable for Jasmine.” “Even if that’s the truth, they two just met each other a few weeks ago. It shouldn’t have happened so soon. Something just doesn’t sound right.” “But, we must remember that Jasmine has been neglected by her husband for two

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